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“Impressive stuff and a real Brit Pop tinge… a cracking debut single.”
– Gary Crowley, BBC Radio 6 Music.

“Ripping tune, it surges forward with some spiralling psych authenticity.”
– Dave Ruby Howe, ABC Triple J Unearthed Music Director.

“On a par with the likes of Temples, Tame Impala and the Verve.”
“Musically textured, “East India Empress” transcends a psychedelic, dream-pop and shoegazing haze which effortlessly stream and manoeuvre against the mesh of descending riffs and bouncing beats. It’s a majestic and voyeuristic song which races, drones, hammers and crashes, shedding old skin before reaching its climatic destination.”

“Featuring a sound which has its roots in bluesy psychedelia, fuzzed out shoegaze and classic British rock melodies, Shiva And The Hazards are definitely ones not to miss.”

“Melodies such as East India Empress reveal a great balance between dissonant noise-pop and catchy chord progressions”
– Inpress /

“This band are a fantastic mixture of styles – psychedelia and crashing rock and roll and they have some fascinating influences. They also have the rare ability to be able to make things happen spontaneously, without needing to have everything mapped out beforehand – there is no safety-net here… As a result, these songs are full of real dynamic and great rushes of energy.”
– Chris Potter (producer)

“Their psych -rock is powerful, energetic and intense, though never violent : the mind travels territories desolate, remote and dispersed, relaxing completely.”
“East India Empress knows how to win those present, with his mesmerising performance and the guitars full of adrenaline. In a little more than forty minutes the Australians prove to have good potential and be a band to keep an eye on in the coming months.”
– (translated)


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