Shiva and the Hazards

In Hinduism, the universe is believed to regenerate in cycles. It is Shiva who destroys the universe following each cycle to allow for a new creation. After what feels like an eternity of tyranny, the time for hope has come, and the creation of a new dawn shall be at the hands of Shiva and his disciples, collectively known as Shiva and the Hazards. There is no telling how long this will take – but it has begun.

Spiritually, Shiva and the Hazards have existed for millions of years, as both protectors of the light, and masters of evil spirits and thieves. In the physical world, and in this cycle of the universe, Shiva and the Hazards were formed in Melbourne Australia in late 2012 by Doug Hind and Leigh Baines. The following year the pair relocated to the U.K.; the land of their previous colonial occupiers, full of ambition and naivety.

While abroad the band recorded their debut single, ‘East India Empress’ with renowned producer Chris Potter, whose name can be found on the sleeve notes of records such as The Verve’s Urban Hymns; perhaps one of the best to be released by this civilisation prior to the coming of the darkness.

‘East India Empress’ went on to receive plays on BBC Radio 6 London by respected radio DJ Gary Crowley, who praised the track as “Impressive stuff and a real Brit Pop tinge – a cracking debut single.” Subsequently the band performed on London’s live music circuit, in addition to headline shows in the city of Manchester, and festival appearances at ‘Camden Rocks’ 2014 and ‘Trip Out’ 2015.

Following almost two years in exile and their subsequent return to Melbourne, Shiva and the Hazards are planning to finish what they started. The band are now joined by Baines’ former collaborator, singer- songwriter and guitarist Jet O’Rourke (The Gear), and Andrew Plisi (The Good Morrows), to propel the release of their first collection of music aptly titled ‘Future Cult Classics’. The EP has been produced and mixed by Mark Gardener of seminal shoegaze group Ride, who incidentally have also recently made their musical return; perhaps as part of some unspoken alliance.

Mixing vintage psychedelic rock and roll sounds from previous golden ages, with a fresh approach to soundtrack the new coming of the dawn, Shiva and the Hazards are offering its audiences the chance to join them in the destruction of this old and tired universe, and the creation of a new and better one.

The debut EP ‘Future Cult Classics’ is available October 20th 2017.


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